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Welcome to our Virtual Study Abroad Faculty Resource page!

Virtual Study Abroad (VSA) is a new initiative that reinforces FIU's internationalization and inclusion mission offering students the opportunity to "travel and study abroad" without leaving the United States. VSA brings the world to FIU using creative global strategies that allow students to develop their global awareness, perspective, and engagement.  Students virtually interact with different cultures, with their people, and they are invited to reflect on their virtual global experience through the dynamic use of technology resources. All this without any extra charge or investment!


The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) and the Office of Global Learning Initiatives (OGLI) have joined forces to provide a sound and straightforward process for VSA implementation and faculty training.

Never before has there been a need for providing an enriching and global opportunity that is equal to all, and VSA provides the answer to this need. Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming professional development sessions, and join us. Make a diffrence in our students' lives. Help them see the world even if it is through a different kind of virtual lense.

Steps for VSA 

  1. Attend a Professional Development Session to learn about VSA 
  2. Infuse your course syllabus with VSA Elements
  3. Submit your VSA proposal
  4. Proposals are reviewed by the Education Abroad Office (OEA) and the Office of Global Learning Initiatives (OGLI)
  5. Once approved by OEA and OGLI, proposal is sent back to Faculty Member for Chair's Signature
  6. Once proposal is fully approved, OEA makes the necessary notations in the university system to indicate availability of VSA courses.
  7. OEA promotes VSA Courses (social media, mass emails)
  8. At the end of each semester, faculty members submit assessment matrix results and process one-time-payment (One-time payment).