Education Abroad Showcase Fall 2022

The Office of Education Abroad is here to support you on your journey to global citizenship


The Showcase will take place during three days:
  • Tuesday, November 15th: MMC GC Pit Area - come and learn more about our programs!
  • Wednesday, November 16th - Virtual Webinar/Info Sessions (
  • Thursday, November 17th - MMC GC Pit Area and GC 243

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Information & Tabling:

Want to learn more about our specific faculty-led programs or have some general questions? Pass by during our Showcase. 

Tuesday, November 15th & Thursday, November 17th
10am - 2:30pm
GC Pit Area

Showcase Sessions:

See below for all of the amazing workshops we have planned out! 





Making Study Abroad Possible 

10am - 10:30AM 


Interested in studying abroad but not sure where to start? This session provides a brief overview on all of our programs, eligibility, scholarship opportunities, and how to get started. 

Virtual Study Abroad (VSA) and Other Virtual Programing 

10:30AM - 11:00AM 


Develop global awareness, global perspectives, and global engagement through the introduction of virtual study abroad programs. 

International Student Exchange (ISE) & Third-Party Program (TPP) Information Session

11:00AM - 12PM 


An introduction to and discussion of the application process for ISE and TPP, including eligibility requirements, an overview of the programs, as well as a summary of what makes a successful study abroad candidate. 

Funding Your Study Abroad

1:00PM - 1:30PM


This session will discuss the resources on our website and how to navigate the OEA Application Portal. 

Faculty-Led Program Presentations



Looking to travel and study with FIU faculty and students for a few weeks or a few months during the summer, winter, or spring break? This session will discuss several programs available for students to study abroad in different parts of the world.