Third Party Program

Third–party program approval

Third Party Program (TPP) include study abroad programs offered through outside institutions. Even though you’ll be participating in an outside program, you’ll still work with our office!

What is the Third-Party Program (TPP) Process?

A non-FIU or outside education abroad program is one not offered by FIU. It could be direct enrolling in a foreign institution, participating in a program through a different US university, or participating in a 3rd party education abroad program/provider. If you are interested in participating in a non-FIU or outside education abroad program, you must apply through the Office of Education Abroad to have your program reviewed for approval to count here at FIU. The Third-Party Program application is separate from the application to the actual program. The application to participate in the program would be handled through the organization/university running your chosen program.

They’re a great option if you:

  • Don’t speak the language of the country you’d like to go to
  • Don’t have a 3.0 GPA
  • Are looking for something that FIU doesn’t offer with its FIU Education Abroad and ISE programs (location, course offerings, duration, etc.)

General information

  • Dual application process: you’ll apply to the program of your choice, and you’ll also apply to our office
  • Our office will work with you to make sure that your credits transfer back to FIU and that you receive your financial aid, if eligible.
  • FIU provides a substantial amount of information on all the options you have to study abroad through a Third Party Provider.


  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • May not go during your final semester at FIU (Business Students need 2 semester after return date of program) 
  • Students can take 3+ credits or more towards their major, minor, or general degree program while abroad
  • All University Core Curriculum (UCC) must be completed

Financial aid

Whether or not you can receive financial aid for a Third Party Program depends on the particular program that you’ve chosen. In order to determine if your program of choice is financial aid eligible, please contact the Office of Financial Aid directly. 

  • Phone: (305) 348-7272
  • Email:

Note: If you are receiving an FIU specific scholarship (Presidential Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, etc.) and you choose to participate in an Third Party Program, you may lose that scholarship.

The application process

  • Step 1 – Begin an TPP Advising Application

    To get started, you must first create an TPP Advising Application. You can do so by clicking the following link. This application will includes:

    1. TPP Introduction Prep Video
    2. TPP Video Quiz
    3. Student Academic Information Questionnaire
    4. Study Abroad Academic Pre-Approval Form (completed in consultation with your academic advisor)
    5. TPP Program Inquiry
    6. TPP OEA Interview (Discuss your program of interest)

    You can only be considered for the TPP program after completing the TPP Advising Application. 

  • Step 2 – Explore/Search Programs

    You can choose from enrolling in another university whether in the U.S. or abroad, going through a provider/company, or doing a partner-based program. 

    FL State Universities: Search the study abroad websites of other FL state schools and other US Universities (For example, try typing “USF Study Abroad” into Google). We send lots of students on programs through USF, FSU, FAU, and UF.

    • Third-Party Program Direct Enrollment/Providers
    • Third-Party Program Internships/Reserach
    • Third-Party Partner Based Program

    Remember to compare the prices for these programs with the prices for programs offered through FL state universities.

  • Step 3 – Check Eligibility

    If you find a program that interests you, look up their application requirements, deadlines, course offerings etc. You’ll also want to reach out to the appropriate office via phone or email to learn additional program details, such as housing, excursions, and where your transcript is issued. Keep in mind that you must check to see that they accept outside students to participate in their programs.

    Elgibibity Requirements for TPPA: 

    • Minimum 2.0 GPA
    • FIU Students are not eligible to participate in the ISE program during their last semester.
      • College of Business students must have at least two semesters left to graduate after they return from the ISE program. 
    • Students can take 3+ credits or more towards their major, minor, or general degree program while abroad
      • COB minors cannot be taken abroad
    • All University Core Curriculum (UCC) must be completed. 
      • COB students must complete all UCC and COB pre-core requirements.
  • Step 4 – Appointment with Academic Advisor

    Academic Advisor 

    You should then make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to discuss your interest in studying abroad and to see if you are academically eligible to participate in TPP program. Students should also explore what courses you can transfer in, what courses must be taken at FIU, and what courses you have yet to fulfill within your program. Remember, at this first appointment, your advisor won’t be officially approving courses, it’s just for you to get a better idea of what courses you need so you’ll know what to look for in a potential program. 

    Office of Education Abroad 

    Once you have met with your academic advisor, you can then schedule a one-on-one meeting our Outbound Exchange Program Coordiantor to discuss your preferences, review academics, and answer any other questions. 


  • Step 5 - OEA Reviews Advising Application

    After you submit your TPP Advising Application, OEA will review for eligibility and will be able to grant you access to apply to the TPP application. The application process is rolling admissions and OEA collaborates with FIU departments to determine students eligibility. We kindly request and appreciate your patience. You will hear back via your FIU email with more information regarding your application and eligibility.

    You will then be able to access the Pre-Decision TPP Application. 

  • Step 6 – Apply to the Host Program

    Once you’ve been granted access to the Pre-decision TPP application, go ahead and complete the requirements for the program you’ve chosen. Again, you’ll need to communicate directly with your Third Party Program to find out their application eligibilty, requirements, and deadlines. 

  • Step 7 – Pre-decision TPPA application

    After you’ve completed the Pre-decision application requirements for your Third Party Program, you’ll need to submit application materials for our office.

    Submit all application materials by the appropiate deadline. This includes: 

    1. Questionnaire - Personal Information 
    2. Questionnaire - Program Information 
    3. Statement of Purpose 
    4. Signature Document - Academic Standing and Student Conduct Information
    5. Signature Document - Non-Refundable $195 OEA Fee Information
    6. Signature Document - Age Confirmation 
    7. Academic Advisor Recommendation 
    8. Passport Copy (passports must be valid for six months beyond the start date of your program)
    9. Budget Form 
    10. Medical Form
    11. Course Equivalency Form 

    Fall/AY - June 15th 
    Spring - November 1st
    Summer - April 15th 

  • Step 8 – Application Review by OEA

    Based on your application materials, you may be conditionally accepted to the TPP program and moved forward to the Post-decision phase of your application. Your acceptance depends on the approval of the Third-Party Program you are applying to. 


  • Step 9– Pre-departure Process

    Before you leave on your program, you will be required to attend a Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation where you’ll be given pre-departure information to prepare you for your trip. We will send you all materials via email following the meeting.