FIU Faculty-Led Programs

FIU Faculty-Led Education Abroad programs provide our students with the opportunity to participate in short term programs abroad with other FIU students led by an FIU faculty member. As a participant in the program, you enroll at FIU and attend classes abroad with an FIU professor and FIU students. The programs vary in length—anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks—affording you a short-term glimpse of the world, while providing you with a global, Worlds Ahead academic experience. Most programs are offered during the summer and in a variety of fields and destinations. There are more than 25 FIU Education Abroad programs to choose from and you can sign up for one of them as early as your freshman year at FIU.

FIU faculty-led program requirements

The minimum GPA requirement to participate in a FIU Education Abroad program is a 2.0. However, each program has a specific set of academic requirements as determined by the Faculty Director for that program. You may apply for a study abroad program as early as your freshman year in college.

Application materials and deadlines

Individual dates and deadlines are different for each program. For additional information regarding program requirements and deadlines, please visit the program page or contact the Faculty Director for your program of interest.

All FIU students going on FIU faculty-led Education Abroad Programs

College of Business students participating on an Education Abroad program

All College of Business students who wish to participate in an Education Abroad program must first receive clearance from the COB academic advisor(s). Any programs offered by the Office of Global Initiatives  require approval directly from the Office of Global Intiatives.

All Non-FIU students going on FIU faculty-led Education Abroad Programs

Most of our FIU-Sponsored Programs are open to non-FIU students, including FIU Alumni and transient students. If you would like to participate in an FIU-Sponsored program, but are not currently an FIU student, you will need to complete all of the steps listed above as well as the ones listed below:

  • Communicate with the program’s faculty director to determine if they allow non-FIU students to participate. For contact information, please visit the program’s page.
  • Depending on what your home institution’s policies are with regards to participating in study abroad programs, you may be required to do the following:
    • Speak to the study abroad advisor at your home institution and inform him/her of your interest in participating in an FIU Education Abroad Program. Your study abroad office will provide additional instructions on next steps that you must take so that you may obtain approval to participate in the program.
    • Meet with your academic advisor and financial aid to discuss approval, transferring of credits, and use of your financial aid, if applicable. If you are eligible to receive financial aid, that aid will be disbursed to you by your home institution, not by FIU.
    • All students enrolled in a State of Florida public university office must complete a Transient Student form in order to be enrolled in FIU courses. You should obtain this form via . Please submit a hard copy or email version of your approved transient form to the Office of Education Abroad as soon as your approval has been confirmed.
    • Other students who do not attend a public university in the State of Florida must submit a completed Non-Degree Seeking Student Form in order to obtain an FIU student number and be enrolled in FIU courses.
  • The Non-Degree Seeking Student Application Form will allow us to issue you a Panther ID number, that is, an FIU identification number. The Panther ID number is necessary for course enrollment and to use your MyFIU student account online.

What to expect upon acceptance into your FIU faculty-led program

Your faculty director will inform you as to whether you’ve been accepted into the program for which you’ve applied. All students who have been accepted into an FIU Education Abroad program must follow the steps listed below.    

Apply now

  • Medical information and passport

    All participants are required to submit a medical information form and passport copy. The medical form must be filled out by your physician or family doctor. This form can be found on your application.

  • Visa

    Depending upon the country(ies) that you are visiting and/or your country of citizenship, you may be required to apply for a visa. Please note that it is your responsibility as a participant in your education abroad program to inquire as to whether you will need to request a visa to enter the host country(ies). You must contact the consular offices or visit their websites for more information on your host country’s entry/exit requirements. Many of the countries that our students visit have consular offices in the South Florida area. However, other countries may have consular offices in other states, such as Texas, or Washington, D.C. Please check online directories for more information.

    NOTE: If you need a letter of support from the program in order to apply for your visa, you may request the letter by visiting the Office of Education Abroad in SASC 230, or by calling (305) 348-1913. Please note that your request for a letter may take 2-3 business days to be completed.

  • Course Registration Form

    The Office of Education Abroad will enroll you in your courses, provided that you have a Panther ID and that you have submitted an approved Course Registration Form. Registration for your program will take place during the university’s official registration period. Students will only be registered for the courses that they’ve listed on their Course Registration Forms. Please note that it is your responsibility to then log on to Panthersoft to ensure that you are registered for the correct number of courses and credits that you requested on your Course Registration Form. You are also responsible for acquiring your faculty director’s signature approving your course request for the program.

    NOTE: Registration changes can be made only if the student hands in a new Course Registration Form to the Office of Education Abroad and only if the change is requested PRIOR to the official university's deadline for registration.

    You will be subject for late registration and late payment fees, if you fail to submit the course registration by the program deadline.

    No changes will be made after the registration deadline.



  • Mandatory Orientation and Pre-departure Forms

    As a program participant, you will be required to attend a series of mandatory class meetings and pre-departure orientations, including the Office of Education Abroad pre-departure orientation. The orientation will provide you with helpful information regarding safety and security matters in your host country, the course registration process, university policies and student responsibilities abroad, cultural adjustment, and other matters that will help prepare you for an exciting and successful experience abroad. During your pre-departure meeting, you will be asked to review, sign and submit your pre-departure forms. Please consult with your faculty director on dates and times for those meetings so that you can plan to be in attendance.

  • Payment of Fees
    • Education Abroad Fee: All study abroad participants must pay a $195 non-refundable education abroad fee upon being accepted by the faculty director. An email will be sent out by our office notifying you about the payment. Payment will be made through your
    • Program Fees: It is the student’s responsibility to consult with the Faculty Director to request a schedule of payments and payment deadlines by which students will have to pay all program fees for the program. Please make sure that you review all payment and refund policies for your program prior to submitting your application. Every program will have a different program fee and will include different items. It will be important for you to read program materials carefully and to learn about what items are already included in your program fee (meals, accommodations, airfare, etc). To see what your program fee is and what it covers, please visit the program’s page.
    • Course Instructional Fee (s): The Office of Education Abroad will register all students for the selected education abroad course(s) during the university’s official registration period. It is the student’s responsibility to pay all instructional fees by the official university deadline for payment of tuition and fees. Please visit the FIU Academic Calendar for information on payment deadlines for tuition and fees. For academic year 2023-2024, your course instructional fee is ($205.57 per credit/undergraduate and $455.64 per credit/graduate)