Travel Resources

U.S. Department of State

While you are abroad, it is important to remain vigilant even though you feel safe.  It is important to learn about your destination from the U.S. State Department website. 

Also review your Traveler's Checklist


You may be excited to be traveling to your study abroad program, but it is crucial to also manage your finances, especially if you will be abroad for a semester. 

Below you find resources available to assist you in this area: 

HSBC International Services


Want to practice your host language before your take off. Look the following resources tha may allow you to get you started: 


Reverse Cultural Shock

You may hae returned from your epxerience abroad, and you have gotten back to your normal routing, but you may feel out of place. That is totally normal, you may be facing a reverse culture shock. If you need help with this transition, you may need to get assistance from the Student Health Clinic, but another way is to get involve in other campus wide activities.