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Below you will find programs offered by our exchange partners that some of our students have enrolled in during their third-party program experience.

Universidad Nebrija

Nebrija University offers a personalized, interactive, and innovative approach to education. Their professors are highly qualified, with years of teaching experience and excellent interpersonal skills. Students will experience a dynamic, highly motivating and International learning environment.

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ISCTE Business School


The Winter School Lisbon at ISCTE Business School provides an excellent opportunity to expand and develop your skills whilst getting to know Portuguese History and Culture at the same time. The programmes are challenging, interesting, of high academic and professional value, and are taught by ISCTE Business School highly regarded faculty, supported by visiting professors from top-class universities and the global business community. In addition to the excellent educational opportunities, you will have the opportunity to discover Portugal’s Capital city, its countryside and get in touch with a language that is spoken across four continents.

MICEFA University Consortium

North American university students can spend 4 weeks in the City of Lights and earn up to 6 university credits by participating in MICEFA's summer programs. Their programs welcome all levels of French and is an excellent way to experience French culture by studying in one of the most attractive cities in the world! Customize your program with options to make it fit right for you! 


University of Agder (UiA)

PhD Opportunity: Studying Marine Microplastics at the University of Agder |  Opportunity | News

Although it has recently been challenged by a series of crises, such as the ongoing pandemic, the European Union (EU), which presumably is the most prominent institutional foundation of regional integration in Europe, still remains of paramount importance in several policy areas at the global stage. The EU clearly is not a superpower, but it certainly ranks as one of the most important actors on the global stage. The EU not only affects the lives of more than 500 million inhabitants living within its territory, but it also has a significant impact on millions of people living outside of its borders. How can we study the European Union as a prime organization of Europe’s contemporary political order?