Education abroad is a high-impact educational practice influencing a student’s personal, academic, and professional journey in a positive and meaningful way.

The Office of Education Abroad offers several opportunities for students to study abroad. Our faculty-led study abroad programs are short-term programs in which FIU faculty take students abroad as part of FIU courses. The International Student Exchange (ISE) program allows students to spend a semester at one of our partner universities abroad and take courses to meet their FIU degree requirements. The OEA also works with students directly enrolling at institutions abroad or in programs offered by providers, as well as with students receiving academic credit for and participating in other experiences abroad. The Virtual Study Abroad (VSA) are FIU courses infused with international components taught by FIU faculty in which students can choose to take these courses as part of their degree without having to travel abroad. 

Our faculty and staff are key in making these opportunities a reality for our students - from leading study abroad programs to providing academic advisement for participants and facilitating logistics for programs. The OEA is here to support you in this work. Thank you for all you do!


Faculty-led programs are short-term education abroad programs in which FIU faculty take students on international travel experiences as part of FIU courses. Click here to find out more about creating one of these programs!

Virtual Study Abroad (VSA)

Virtual Study Abroad (VSA) is a new initiative that reinforces FIU's internationalization and inclusion mission offering students the opportunity to "travel and study abroad" without leaving the United States. VSA brings the world to FIU using creative global strategies that allow students to develop their global awareness, perspective, and engagement. Click here to find out more about creating a VSA course.