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In case of emergency abroad

If this is a life or death situation, please call the local emergency phone number in the country where you are.

You can find the emergency number in the US Department of State consular notes for the country you are visiting or on this link: How to Dial 911 Around The World

Please also contact the Office of Education Abroad at the emergency 24/7 phone number:


or the emergency email For non-emergency matters, you can reach us during regular business hours (8:30 am to 5 pm EST) at 305-348-1913.

Cultural Insurance Services International

If you are a student and faculty director on an OEA program facing an emergency, please call AXA, the emergency response for CISI insurance.

Inside the US: 1-855-327-1411
Outside the US: 1-312-935-1703
Email: medassist-USA@AXA-ASSISTANCE.US

Questions you will be asked when opening a case:

  1. FIU’s policy number (listed on the insurance card received prior to departure)
  2. Caller’s/Participant’s first and last name
  3. Date(s) of birth for the participant(s) experiencing the emergency
  4. Contact details
  5. Type of service requested
  6. Brief Summary of Request/Incident
  7. Location where assistance is requested

Download the brochure for Coverage Information.